How Do You Honk Your Horn in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" for Playstation?

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," the eighth game in the "Grand Theft Auto" series, uses the same game play used since the first game of the series. In addition to completing the main storyline and side quests, you can explore the world at your leisure, whether you elect to go on foot, on a bicycle or in a vehicle. Vehicles do not have all the functions a real car has, but you can still honk the car's horn to make pedestrians get out of your way.

Approach a car you want to drive.

Press "Triangle" to enter the car.

Hold "X" to accelerate the car.

Push down the left analog stick, or "L3," to honk your horn. Some cars have a limitless horn, meaning you can hold down the stick and keep the horn blaring. Other cars only have a short horn, meaning you need to press "L3" multiple times to get a blaring effect.

Press "Triangle" again to exit the car at any time.


You can enter a car even if someone else is driving it.


Stealing a car may result in a wanted star.