How to Get the Jump Hack for "MW2" for PS3

By Johnny Kilhefner

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • USB Flash Drive

  • PC

  • Jump hack zip files

When a game gets up there in age, gamers find ways to make it new again. Such is the case with "Modern Warfare 2." Crafty "MW2" players have found several ways to exploit the "MW2" engine to work in their favor, such as with the jump hack, enabling players to jump as high as tall buildings and to virtually anywhere on the map. The jump hack is a relatively simple hack that doesn't require you to jail break your console first. Once completed, you can play single player modes such as campaign and spec ops with the jump hack enabled.

Insert the flash drive into the PS3. Go under "Save Data" followed by "Utilities" and click the "Save game and player profile" for "Modern Warfare 2." Copy this file to the USB flash drive.

Insert the flash drive into your computer. Open the flash drive files and select the "PS3" folder. Select "Save Data" and "BLUS30377-AUTO-." Delete the "Save Game" file.

Download the "Jump Hack" file from resources. Drag the file to the "BLUS30377-AUTO-" folder. Take out the flash drive and re-insert it in the PS3.

Go under "Save Data," "Utilities" and open up the USB flash drive. Click your saved game data and select to copy it to the PS3.

Load "Modern Warfare 2" and go to "Campaign" and "Resume Game." When the game loads, pause it and choose "Save and Quit."