How to Get a Lot of Coins From the Game Corner in "Pokemon Sapphire"

By Spencer Sandoval

Updated September 22, 2017

"Pokemon Sapphire," part of the third series of "Pokemon" video games, was released for Game Boy Advanced in 2003. This game carries on the tradition of having an arcade located somewhere in the game world where players can play games and win prizes. The currency in this version's Game Corner is called Game Coins. Winning enough coins to get the good prizes can be difficult if you're just playing the games available inside. Using a few items scattered throughout the game can help players get a lot of coins to spend on all the prizes Game Corner has to offer.

Obtain the Amulet Coin

Head to Fortree City, located in the upper right corner of your world map.

Defeat the Fortree City gym leader, then head back to the town where your game started, Littleroot Town.

Talk to your mom and she will give you the Amulet Coin. Selecting the item in your inventory, then choosing "Hold," and selecting one of your Pokemon will allow you to receive twice as much money every time you win a Pokemon battle.

Battle trainers all over the world map with the Pokemon holding the Amulet Coin until you're satisfied with the amount of money you've won.

Buy Game Corner Coins

Head to Slateport City, in the bottom right section of your world map. Go into the Pokemart and buy one Harbor Mail.

Travel to Mauville City, located in the center of your world map. Talk to a girl who lives next to the Mauville Pokemart. She will trade you the Harbor Mail for a Coin Case.

Find the Game Corner in Mauville City. Inside you'll find a woman at the counter who will sell you Game Corner Coins. Use the money you won with your Amulet Coin to buy as many Game Coins as you'd like.