How to Craft in "Minecraft"

By Joshua Phillips

Updated September 22, 2017

"Minecraft" is a game that focuses primarily on two things: building and crafting. Through crafting, you are able to make tools, such as axes and hoes, that allow you to build anything you wish, such as buildings or statues. Knowing how to craft is a vital aspect of "Minecraft" and there are two forms of crafting in the game: crafting on your personal crafting grid and crafting on your crafting table. The first step in every "Minecraft" game should be to get the materials necessary to build a crafting table, as you are limited in what you can make on your personal crafting grid.

Launch "Minecraft." Create a new character or select a previously saved character to begin the game.

Click on any tree in the game to acquire wooden planks. Gather four wooden planks.

Press "I" on your keyboard to open your inventory. Your personal crafting grid is a 2x2 square located to the right of the picture of your character. While you cannot create many items on your personal crafting grid, you can still create necessary items such as torches, sticks and a crafting table.

Place one wooden plank in each of the crafting grid squares to create a crafting table. To craft items successfully in "Minecraft," not only do you need the right items but you must know how to assemble them on the crafting grid.

Select the crafting table in your inventory. Right-click on any spot in the game world to place the crafting table.

Right-click on the crafting table to open it. Instead of a 2x2 grid, you now have access to a 3x3 grid to craft.

Place the proper items in the right locations to create items. For example, to create a wooden pickaxe, place one stick in the bottom two squares of the middle column of the grid. Place a wooden plank on each of the top-row squares. A wooden pickaxe is now created. Experiment with different combinations of items and placements to create new items.


Create a crafting table as soon as possible when starting a game. With a crafting table, you can create any object in the game at any time.


Any items used in the crafting process are removed from your inventory once the final item has been made.