How Do You Speed Up Time in the Game "Pokemon Gold Version"?

By Thomas Colbyry

Updated September 22, 2017

Whether you want to boost the growth rate of your Pokemon or just watch the landscape change with the seasons, sometimes you need to speed up time in "Pokemon: Gold Version." The game's time system is based not on seconds or minutes, but on the number of steps you take. The best way to speed up time is to get a bicycle. This allows you to move your character much faster, enabling you to take more steps and speed up time.

Travel to to the northeast part of Goldenrod City. Look for a small building just south of the Goldenrod Railroad.

Head inside the building. You should see a large number of bicycles with price stickers next to them.

Speak to the man you see standing near the bicycles. He allows you to take one of the bicycles for a test run.

Exit and re-enter the building. The man asks if you like the bicycle and then says you can keep it free of charge.

Open the items menu, and select the bicycle to ride it. Riding the bicycle speeds up the flow of time significantly.