How to Cut Bushes in "Pokemon Blue"

By Nate Combs

Updated September 22, 2017

"Pokemon Blue" is one of the three games that make up Generation I of the "Pokemon" series. This title helped jump-start "Pokemon's" success among the youth of America. "Pokemon" has since become one of the highest-grossing handheld video-game series of all time. "Pokemon Blue" features items called Hidden Machines (HMs). These teach your Pokemon various moves that can be used outside of battle. One such move is Cut; it's the first HM you'll receive.

Play through the game until you reach the S.S. Anne, which is located at the docking bay east of Vermilion City.

Play through this area until you reach the main battle of this particular quest. You will battle Gary, your rival.

Defeat Gary in battle to gain access to the captain's cabin. You'll find a seasick captain inside. After the cutscene, during which you "cure" him by rubbing his back, he will reward you with "HM01," Cut.

Teach Cut to one of your Pokemon. It's best to teach Cut to a weak grass-type Pokemon, since it is not a strong move when it's used in battle.

Find some bushes, such as the ones in Diglett's Cave, and stand in front of them. Use the HM by selecting it from your menu. The Pokemon will cut the bushes down.