How Do You Catch Carvanha in the Game "Pokemon Sapphire"?

By Philip Sim

Updated September 22, 2017

Carvanha is a Water-type fish Pokemon in the Nintendo Game Boy Advance game "Pokemon Sapphire." Fish Pokemon can be caught using fishing rods. But to catch Carvanha, you will need the best rod in the game — the Super Rod. You can get the Super Rod from the Fishing Guru in Mossdeep City. Carvanha is a dual Water/Dark-type Pokemon that is strong against Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Ice and Dark-type Pokemon. It is unaffected by Psychic-types, and weak against Fighting, Bug, Grass and Electric-type attacks.

Go to Mossdeep City on the islands to the east of the Hoenn region and head to the house in the north of town.

Enter the house and speak to the Fishing Guru inside to get the Super Rod.

Head to Route 118 on the mainland of Hoenn, the road that leads east along the coast from Mauville City.

Select the Super Rod from the Key Items pocket of your bag and use it to fish in the water on the south side of the road. With the Super Rod you have a 60-percent chance of catching a Carvanha and a 40-percent chance of catching Sharpedo, the evolved form of Carvanha.

Use Fighting, Bug, Grass or Electric-type attacks to wear down Carvanha's health points until they are showing as a red bar. Throw a Pokeball to catch it.