How to Get to the 4 Pokeballs in Aqua Team's Hideout in "Emerald"

By Mitch Reid

Updated September 22, 2017

In “Pokemon Emerald,” you will find PokeBalls scattered in various places around the Hoenn region. Unlike the PokeBalls you can buy at stores throughout the game, these misplaced PokeBalls often contain items that can aid you on your quest. For example, in the middle of Team Aqua’s hideout, you will stumble upon a room that contains four mysterious PokeBalls.

Surf northeast from the coastline of Lilycove City until you find the cave that serves as Team Aqua’s hideout.

Travel northeast through the entrance room of the lair. Enter the doorway at the rear of the room.

Step on the warp pad on the left side of the next room. The warp pad will send you deeper into the hideout.

Walk westward until you find an office area with four desks. Travel southeast to find another warp pad in the bottom corner of the room. Step on the pad to advance to a room divided into four rows.

Step on the warp pad on the far left to teleport to the second row of the room.

Go to the warp pad on your left to teleport to the third row.

Walk to the warp pad to your left to reach the final section of the room.

Go to the warp pad at the far left corner of the fourth row. It will teleport you from the sectioned room to an office with a couch and table.

Go to the left side of the room to find four PokeBalls. Two of the PokeBalls are actually Electrodes, Electric-type Pokemon that tend to self-destruct. The other PokeBalls contain a Nugget, which you can sell for a high price, and a Master Ball, which never fails to capture a wild Pokemon.