How to Change the Display on 'MUGEN'

By John Ruiz

Updated September 22, 2017

In "MUGEN," the customizable fighting game engine, adjusting the display resolution is important on a widescreen monitor because the game uses a standard 4:3 resolution by default. You may also need to change the resolution if the pixels are too big when you enter full screen mode. "MUGEN" lacks an in-game option to customize the screen resolution, so you must exit the game and edit the mugen.cfg file to enter the width and height of the display.

Go to the folder where your "MUGEN" game executable is found. Head to the "data" folder from there.

Launch Windows Notepad from the Start menu. Drag the "mugen.cfg" file to the Notepad window to see the contents.

Click "Edit" from the Notepad menu and go to "Find..." Type "GameWidth" without quotes in the "Find what" text field and click the "Find Next" button to let Notepad highlight one of the display options that you must edit.

Change the number next "GameWidth" equal sign to one of the recommended settings. The config file recommends that you set the width to 640 if you want standard definition, 1280 for high definition, or 1920 if you want full high definition.

Change the "GameHeight" value to 480 if you set the width to 640. Use 720 as the value if your width is 1280; use 1080 if your width is 1920.

Click "File" from the Notepad menu and click "Save" to save the display changes.


Before you set a display resolution, determine if your laptop display, monitor or TV supports it. Right-click your desktop and click "Screen resolution" to check your current resolution. Click the "Resolution" drop-down box to see all of the supported screen resolutions.