How to Play the Organ in "Final Fantasy VIII"

By Andrew Cowie

Updated September 22, 2017

Ultimecia's Castle is the last dungeon in "Final Fantasy VIII," and it has a few secrets to hide. One of those is an organ you can play, but without any hints it isn't clear what exactly happens when you play it. You might need a friend to help you out with this one.

Playing the Organ

Every note on the organ opens up a bar on a locked doorway nearby, so to open all eight bars you will need to press all eight buttons at once. Walk up to the organ and press "Square," "Triangle," "Circle," "X," "R1," "R2," "L1" and "L2." Do not press "Start" and "Select," or your PlayStation will do a soft reset. Get someone to help if you're having trouble pressing all the buttons at once.

After the Organ

After you play the organ, go to the fountain one room below and take the upper-right exit. If you see any metal bars still there, you'll have to go back and try again at the organ. If the passageway is free, walk in and go to the end of the waterway to find the rare Rosetta Stone.