How to Make the Sceptre TV Louder

By Nina Nixon

Updated September 28, 2017

If your Sceptre TV's audio level sounds too low, modify a few settings to make it louder. Hear the high-pitch of the treble, the low depths of bass, and balanced sound coming from your TV's internal or external speakers. Take advantage of the not often utilized AVL or audio volume leveler feature. This setting lowers the high sounds of commercials while making the softer sounds of regular programming louder. Whether or not you have external audio devices connected to your TV will determine how you set the Digital Audio Out sound setting. These Sceptre TV features allow you to turn up the volume without reducing sound quality.

Press the "Menu" button on the remote control or TV control panel, and use the arrow buttons to make your selections and adjustments. Select "Sound."

Select "Sound Mode" from the Sound menu. Select "Custom."

Select "Treble" from the Sound menu. Increase the treble one to two levels.

Select "Bass" from the Sound menu. Increase the bass one to two levels.

Select "Balance" from the Sound menu. Adjust the balance to the middle level to even out the sound in each speaker.

Select "AVL" or Audio Volume Leveler from the Sound menu. Select "On."

Select "Digital Audio Out" from the Sound menu. Select "Bit Stream" if you have a home theater system connected to your TV; otherwise, select "PCM" for the pulse-code modulation digital audio format.


Slowly increase sound levels, then test the volume and quality. Select "Recall" if you want to reset your custom sound mode settings back to factory defaults. This option may be helpful after you have removed or connected a couple of external speakers or a complete home theater system to your Sceptre TV.