How to Get Far in "Burger Tycoon"

By Vivek Saxena

Updated September 22, 2017

"Burger Tycoon" is a single-player online video game that lets you control a thriving burger establishment and make it even more successful. Doing this requires a lot of strategy, as there are many pitfalls awaiting you. If you run out of soy, your cows will die. If you use illegal substances to make your soy grow faster, you will be sued. There are numerous contingencies that might befall you, which is why every decision you make must be well thought out if you want to get far in "Burger Tycoon."

Purchase three pastures and max them out with three cows each. Once you purchase a pasture, you do not need to buy it again. Simply use the "-" button to reduce the cows to zero when the pasture's fertility falls below 50 percent. Then once it is fresh again, use the "+" button to maximize its usage. Start with only three pastures, but gradually increase them as you earn more money. Eventually, you want to have five pastures with 15 cows.

Set up two soy fields and click the "Use Genetically Modified Soy" option to increase the amount of soy you harvest. Your cows need a lot of soy to survive, and if you run out of soy, they will die. If at any time you start to run low on soy, add hormones to the soy and use animal flour for the fodder. Only use these options in emergency situations, because they will spawn costly lawsuits. Increase your soy fields as your profits increase.

Hire one cook and one cashier. Wait until a lengthy line forms before upgrading to more cashiers and cooks. Feel free to return back to one of each after you are sued. Many lawsuits cause a reduction in customers. Also, fighting lawsuits requires having your public relations department corrupt an official in power through bribery. You can offset these costs by temporarily reducing your employee count. Hire them back after the court proceedings are over and your customer base returns.

Bribe the mayor to gain access to four additional land spaces once you have at least $50,000. Use the spaces to build more pastures and soy fields. Do not build all of them at once. Gradually increase your pastures and fields as your profits rise. Never sell back a piece of land that you have outfitted, because you will get only 50 percent of the money you put into it. You will also have to pay the full price to get the land back.

Set up advertisements once you have accumulated $75,000. These are especially useful for drawing your customers back while fighting lawsuits. Never activate more than one advertisement at a time, because it will quickly drain all your resources. Try to target advertisements that fit with the lawsuits. For instance, if you are sued by the Obesity Association, then activate the food-pyramid advertisement.

Offer your employees badges and discipline them. Avoid firing them unless they keep acting up, because a high turnover ratio will lead to a lawsuit from the unions. These can cost you up to $9,000 and and are very difficult to win. If and when you do need to fire an employee, wait at least six months before you fire another employee.

Keep an eye on your profits. If at any time they start to drop, this means you are doing something wrong. Go over every aspect of your business until you root out the problem. It could be that your employees are behaving inappropriately, you are using too many illegal substances in your soy, you need to corrupt more officials or you need to invest in more cows and soy fields. Keep in mind that there may be times when you need to corrupt all four officials -- politician, climatologist, nutritionist and health officer.