How to Get Through Lt. Surge's Gym on "Pokemon FireRed"

By Melissa King

Updated September 22, 2017

Lt. Surge uses a level 18 Pikachu, one of three of his electric Pokemon.
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Lt. Surge, a fanatical user of electric-type Pokemon, waits for your challenge in "Pokemon FireRed." Lt. Surge's gym features a confusing puzzle, designed to keep unworthy trainers from approaching him. Lt. Surge shields his room with an electric barrier. To drop the barrier, you must activate two switches.

Cut down the tree that blocks the gym door. If your Pokemon need to learn Cut, get on the S.S. Anne in southern Vermilion City. Go to the second floor and beat your rival, Gary. Proceed to the captain's room. Offer to rub his back to ease his seasickness, and he gives you Cut as a present.

Enter Lt. Surge's gym. Approach the first trash can on the left side of the room. Press "A" while you face the trash can. If a switch is inside, you press it. If not, face each trash can and press "A" until you flip the first switch.

Face a trash can that is either next to the one containing the switch, above it or below it. The second switch is always in one of these cans. Press "A" while facing the desired trash can to check for a switch. If you chose the right can, the electric door opens. If you chose incorrectly, the switches reset. Repeat the process to find the correct switches.

Approach Lt. Surge when you open the electric door. Talk to him to start the battle. Lt. Surge uses a Raichu, Pikachu and Voltorb. Electric Pokemon cannot withstand ground-type attacks, like Earthquake. Use a few ground moves to end this fight quickly.


The switches' locations change at random each time you enter the gym, but the pattern for finding them remains the same. Solve the puzzle and use your ground-type Pokemon to devastate Lt. Surge's electric team.


Ground Pokemon are immune to electric attacks, so Lt. Surge's team cannot do very much damage to them.