How to Get Berries in "Pokemon: Emerald" With Gameshark

By Alexander Poirier

Updated September 22, 2017

The MadCatz GameShark SP is a cheat-code device designed for the GameBoy Advance handheld game system. The device comes with a number of pre-installed cheats, and lets users add additional games and cheats if they so choose. These cheats can affect everything from your characters health in a game, to the level you are on. One set of cheats for "Pokemon Emerald" even lets you obtain each different type of Berry in the game, though it must be added to the GameShark before it will work.

Insert the GameShark cartridge into the GameBoy Advance's game slot. Insert the "Pokemon Emerald" game cartridge into the game slot on the GameShark cartridge.

Slide the GameShark's power switch to the "ON" position and slide the GameBoy Advance's power switch to the "ON" position to turn on the system.

Press the "Up" button on the GameBoy Advance's D-pad until the "New Game" option is highlighted. Press the "B" button to enter into the Editor.

Enter "Pokemon Emerald" as the game's name in the Editor. Use the GameBoy Advance's D-pad to highlight each character and press the "A" button to select the highlighted character. Press the "R" button to move right one space and press the "L" button to move left one space.

Press the "Start" button to save the name.

Enter the following master code in the Editor: D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3. Use the same method outlined in step four.

Press the "Select" button to save the game's master code.

Highlight the "Add New Cheat" option and press the "B" button. Enter a name for the cheat in the Editor and press the "Start" button.

Enter the following code in the Editor: 82005274 0xxx. Replace the "xxx" portion of the code with the three-digit code that corresponds to the type of Berry you want. The three-digit codes for the different types of berries are as follows:

085 - Cheri Berry 086 - Chesto Berry 087 - Pecha Berry 088 - Rawst Berry 089 - Aspear Berry 08A - Leppa Berry 08B - Oran Berry 08C - Persim Berry 08D - Lum Berry 08E - Sitrus Berry 08F - Figy Berry 090 - Wiki Berry 091 - Mago Berry 092 - Aguav Berry 093 - Iapapa Berry 094 - Razz Berry 095 - Bluk Berry 096 - Nanab Berry 097 - Wepear Berry 098 - Pinap Berry 099 - Pomeg Berry 09A - Kelpsy Berry 09B - Qualot Berry 09C - Hondew Berry 09D - Grepa Berry 09E - Tamato Berry 09F - Cornn Berry 0A0 - Magost Berry 0A1 - Rabuta Berry 0A2 - Nomel Berry 0A3 - Spelon Berry 0A4 - Pamtre Berry 0A5 - Watmel Berry 0A6 - Durin Berry 0A7 - Belue Berry 0A8 - Liechi Berry 0A9 - Ganlon Berry 0AA - Salac Berry 0AB - Petaya Berry 0AC - Apicot Berry 0AD - Lansat Berry 0AE - Starf Berry 0AF - Enigma Berry

Press the "Start" button to save the cheat.

Repeat steps eight, nine and 10 for the other Berry cheats that you want to add.

Scroll down to the "Pokemon Emerald" game listing on the main GameShark menu, then press the "Right" button on the D-pad.

Scroll down to the Berry cheat that you want to activate and press the "A" button. Repeat for any other Berry cheats that you want to activate, then press the "Start" button to start the game with the cheats enabled.