How to Get to Tiamat in "Darksiders"

By Luc Braybury

Updated September 22, 2017

"Darksiders" is an apocalyptic action-adventure video game released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. The game follows the adventure of War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In addition to the hordes of demonic enemies that must be defeated to progress through the game, several boss battles must also be completed. The first boss battle of the game is against Tiamat, a giant bat-like demon inhabiting an area of the world called the Twilight Cathedral.

Enter the Twilight Cathedral and run right until The Watcher -- your spirit companion -- points out a sword called a Crystal Blade. Take the sword and continue running to the right. Eventually you come to a statue with open hands held out before it. Place the sword into the statue's hands and run through the door that opens.

Jump across the fiery chasm in front of you and continue ahead through the door directly in front of you. The door leads to a courtyard containing low-level enemies. Once the enemies have been defeated, run through the unlocked door to the south. Note the bombs growing out of the ground here as they are necessary to continue.

Pick up one of the bombs and throw it onto the nearby cluster of red crystals. The bomb will stick to the surface then explode, clearing a path. Run along the path, jump over the lava then use the ledges to climb up the wall to reach an upper area.

Run to the north to reach a door leading back to the previous courtyard but from an upper terrace. Find the statue near the edge of the terrace and push it down so that it falls to the ground and creates a hole. Jump down through the hole.

Defeat the enemies here while double jumping across the pits. Use the grips on the wall as you approach the large gaps. Once you reach the next room, open the nearby door to enter a gallery containing a few enemy soldiers. Defeat them and open the treasure chest to obtain the Beholder's Key. Run back the way you came, cross the lava and climb up the growth on the wall. Use the Beholder's Key here and move through the door.

Jump across the lava where you meet a large enemy called the Conscript. Use your powers and standard attacks to slowly wear it down until it is defeated. After the enemy is defeated, pick up the Crystal Blade out of the hands of the nearby statue. Carry the sword back to the north east to the main entrance area containing the statues with open arms. Place the Crystal Blade in the arms of the remaining statue to open the door. Go through the door.

Use the nearby bombs to target the enemy, a Goremaw, on the ceiling. Once it has retreated into its shell, run underneath it and grab the next Crystal Blade. This releases several enemies. Use the bombs to easily defeat them or use your standard attacks. After the enemies are taken care of, place the Crystal Blade into the arms of the statue waiting on the north wall. Enter the opened door.

Float up the geyser ahead of you to reach the upper area then enter the door to the south. You are back in the previous room but on the upper level. Use the grips to cross the wall. As you run along the grips, push a stone from its ledge. Drop then drag the stone to the east wall then jump on it to reach the grips. Run south to reach the central hall as the northern entrance is blocked by a Goremaw.

Pick up a bomb located in this area; throw the bomb at the Goremaw in the center of the room. It will fall through the floor opening a path into the basement. Drop down into the basement and defeat the enemies. Run through the hallway until you meet a cube chained to the floor. Attack the cube with you sword to obtain a new weapon: the Crossblade.

Destroy the Lavashrikes that rise out of the lava. A Rot Mauler now appears and attacks you. Charge up the Crossblade by holding down the attack button then release to stun the monster. While he is stunned attack him with regular attacks. Once the Rot Mauler is defeated, a blue crystal appears above the exit which you much target with your Crossblade. Move through the door once it is open.

Hit the switch located before the lava pool. The statue won't move properly because it is blocked by crystals on its sides. Hit the bombs located on each cluster of crystals with your Crossblade then hit the switch again to raise the statue out of the lava. Hit the crystal held in the hand of the statue with the Crossblade then go through the door that opens to the west.

Hit the bombs located on the column in the middle of the room to open a path across the lava then glide down. Here you learn how to carry fire from a torch in order to reach targets that are otherwise out of range. You need this to detonate the bombs on the column in the room next door which is your next task. After the column is brought down follow it into the next room.

Go down to the lower platform to find three statues. Glide up a nearby geyser and run through the door at the top. Slide down the rope, taken out the bombs with the Crossblade as you go. When you reach the end of the rope, drop down and pull the lever here. This raises up 9 platforms in the lava pool.

Jump to the southwest corner and hit the switch with your Crossblade. Head to the southeast corner and hit the switch there. Turn around and jump on the rising platform before it rises too high. Hit the third switch from here. This raises the middle column. Jump onto the middle column and throw the bombs that are located here at the nearby patches of red crystals.

Hit the first switch to raise up the column in front of you, allowing you to climb up to it. Hit the final switch then jump across to the exit. Turn back and use the platforms to reach the northwest corner where a cluster of red crystals sat before you blew them up. Jump into the previously blocked area then jump to the rope, climbing along it to the north. Drop down at the end of the rope.

Pick up the Crystal Blade; then find two more crystal switches behind you. Hit them with one Crossblade blade and the door will open. Run through and across the columns until you reach a room with three angel statues. Place the Crystal Blade into the northern statue's hands and enter the door that opens.

Jump onto the gears floating in the lava. Pick up a bomb from the bomb plant here then jump northwards across the gears. Throw the bomb onto the red crystals here then use your Crossblade with the torch on the wall to ignite the bomb. Return to the entrance and activate the switch located here then jump onto the rotating bridge which will carry you to another platform with another bomb plant.

Make a line of bombs between the active bomb plant to the south and the red crystals that block your path. Use the inert bomb plant located on your current platform to make the line. Target the active bomb plant with your Crossblade and ignite it to explode the crystals. Move forward along the path and hit the lever here to raise a statue from the lava. Retrace your steps back to the inert bomb plant.

Pick up one of the inert bombs and throw it to the cluster of red crystals located to the north. Rotate the bridge to get to the other side of the room. Once there, target a nearby torch with the Crossblade and ignite the bomb on the crystals. Run through this newly opened path and hit the switch to bring up another statue near the first. Rotate the bridge and return to the other side of the room and hit the two switches held by the statues. This opens the path to the next Crystal Blade.

Retrieve the Crystal Blade then return to the previous room with the three angel statues and place the Crystal Blade into the hands of the eastern statue. Climb up the open pathway and defeat the enemies that ambush you here. Open the nearby chests to obtain a Beholder's Key. Continue forward until you reach the locked blue door and unlock it with the Beholder's Key. Run through the door.

Defeat the Lavashrikes that rise from the lava and use the ceiling grips to reach the other side of the room. Hit the switch here then head through the opened door. In this room is a boss monster called The Jailer. Focus on the three glowing yellow spots on his torso and attack them with your Crossblade. Once he is hit another creature protrudes from his chest. Attack this creature with regular attacks. Repeat this process until the Jailer is defeated. Beware of the soldiers that the monsters calls in as reinforcements. Jump onto the elevator and head to the lower level.

Pick up bombs from the inert bomb plant and throw them onto the red crystals located here. Use the lit torches and your Crossblade to destroy the crystals as you have previously. Run through the newly opened path and defeat the soldiers and Rot Mauler that block your path. Continue down the path across the lava. Use the wall grips to continue until you reach a switch. Hit the switch to solidify the lava. Run back to the inert bomb plant and pick up a bomb. Use it to destroy the crystals that block your way past the solidified lava pit. Hit the switch on the other side of the crystals then run back to the elevator at the entrance.

Defeat the enemy ambushes on your way back to the elevator then take it back up to where you fought The Jailer. Hit the switch here then head across the raised platforms. Hit the switches you find here with your Crossblade then enter the door that opens. The next Crystal Blade is located here so defeated the enemy guards then pick up the Blade. Return to the angel statues and place the Crystal Blade into the final statue's hands. The floor will rise up, returning you to the upper level of the Cathedral.

Open your map and locate the red skull. Run to this area, located on the top floor of the north wing. Here you encounter Tiamat, the first major boss in the game.