"The Sims 2" Immortal Cheat

By Maya Walker

Updated September 22, 2017

Players of “The Sims 2” can cheat death with the help of a cheat code. Immortality in the game is not obtained by drinking some strange elixir over and over or visiting a Sim witchdoctor. Sims who are immortal still experience hunger and sleepiness, but they do not die.

Sim's Death

Characters in “The Sims 2” experience life challenges similar to those of real people. In addition to working, raising a family and other challenges, all Sims eventually die. Death is irreversible. Once the Grim Reaper takes the Sim and leaves an urn or tombstone in his place, the Sim is lost to death. In some cases, the Sim may reappear in the form of a ghost who occasionally haunts the family.


In the “Sims 2,” each Sim household member is afforded a certain amount of time before dying. Sims can experience six life stages ranging from being a baby to an elder. The number of life stages a Sim experiences is dependent on how old the Sim was when he was created. Barring any unforeseen accidents such as a fire or starvation, healthy and happy Sims age until they reach 90 Sim days. After the 90th day, a Sim can die at any time.


When a Sim reaches 90 Sim days, the Grim Reaper pays him a visit. Although the Sim may not be ready to go, death arrives like clockwork. In the “Sims 2,” a cheat code can be used to give the Sim immortality. When a Sim is immortal, he stays at his current life stage without aging. Without the use of the immortal cheat code, other Sims such as friends and neighbors will age and die which may cause the Sim to feel lonely.

Cheat Code

The field to enter a cheat is easily accessible during gameplay. Pressing “CTRL+Shift+C” while the game is live brings up a field to enter cheats. The cheat code field appears at the top of the screen. When “aging off” is entered in the field, every Sim in the household will stop aging and remain in their current life stage. In the future, entering “aging on” restarts the aging process and takes away the Sim's immortality.