How to Give Stuff Away on "Roblox"

By Lindsay Howell

Updated September 22, 2017

In the game "Roblox," players can create their own virtual world using blocks. The title of the game is a portmanteau of the words "robot" and "blocks." You can collect items and accessories in "Roblox," and interact with other players. If you have an item that another player would like to have, you can give that item away to that player, and vice versa.

Log into your "Roblox" account.

Go to your main menu and select "Clothing." Under your avatar, you will see the phrase "Give selected item(s) to."

Enter the username of the person to whom you want to give away your item or items.

Check the item or items you want to send to the other player.

Click "Send" to give away the items.