How Many Watts Does the iPod Headphone Jack Put Out?

By Susan Revermann

Updated September 28, 2017

Each iPod product has its own specs and capabilities.
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As of August 2011, Apple iPod products are among the most popular personal audio devices on the market. Over the years iPod has evolved from the basic iPod to include iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic and Touch. Each has its own specifications, but the audio specs are basically the same for all. If you want to know the specific output of your headphone jack at any given time, you will have to take a measurement with an oscilloscope.


The headphone jack for any of the iPod products is a standard 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Earbuds and various other headphones can be used on any of the iPod products interchangeably.


For the iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic and Touch, you will have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz from the headphones. You can set a maximum volume limit on the iPod, if you want, so it doesn’t get too loud. The impedance for all iPod products is 32 ohms.

Power Output

The average iPod headphone jack will put out somewhere between 2.1 and 2.9 volts. The make and model of iPod that you own, as well as the age of the device, will affect the actual output. See below to find the exact output amount for your device at any given time.

How to Test

You will need to grab an oscilloscope to measure the exact electrical output, signal frequency and peak value of the signal from your iPod headphone jack. The specific oscilloscope you use may vary, but there are general rules to follow. Plug the unit into a power source and into the iPod, and then turn it on. Turn the device to a specific channel, usually channel 1, if applicable. Conduct your reading to find your results. If your device only gives amps and/or volts, you can plug those two calculations into an equation to get the volts. The formula is “watts=amps x volts.”