How to Disassemble a DeathAdder

By Shoaib Khan

Updated September 28, 2017

Take apart a computer mouse to repair or replace a component.
i Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The DeathAdder is a wired gaming mouse with 3G infrared sensor. It's designed and manufactured by Razer -- a company that caters to avid gamers. You may disassemble a DeathAdder mouse to clean dust from the inside or replace a button. The process of taking apart this mouse is similar to most other gaming mice and may be done using readily available tools. Before you begin, unplug its USB connection from the computer.

Flip the mouse over so its flat base is facing upward. Gently pry loose one large rubber seal (located at the bottom) and two small rubber seals (located near the top) from the base, working with your fingers. Remove all seals and set aside.

Undo screws from the base. The DeathAdder has concealed screws under the rubber seals, which can be accessed once the seals are removed. Use a small screwdriver to remove the screws and loosen the base from the shell of the mouse. Retain the screws.

Loosen the base from the shell. With the screws off, turn the mouse over and hold it with one hand -- with its flat base resting on your palm. Loosen the shell with your other hand, pulling from the top. You may have to maneuver the shell side-to-side so it detaches from the base. But don't detach the base and shell completely, as there are cables holding together the two parts.

Unplug two cables from the base – one flat and ribbon-like and the other thin and red. Both cables originate from inside the shell and are plugged into the base with a plastic assembly at the tips. Tug at the plastic end of the cables, and disconnect them from the base. The two halves of the DeathAdder mouse can now be completely detached.

Remove the circuit board from inside the shell. Undo three screws to loosen and detach the board, retaining the screws. Do not remove the flat cable plugged into the board. The scroll wheel is lodged through a perforation on the board, and may be accessed once the board is removed from the shell.

Remove the circuit board from the base. Remove two screws and detach clips to dismount the board. The base of the mouse is now a bare plastic piece.

Dismount the scroll wheel and mouse buttons. Pull out the scroll wheel, gently forcing it upward. Turn the shell over, and remove the buttons by pulling out with your fingers. Work your way around the clips that hold the buttons, so as not to snap the plastic pieces. The DeathAdder mouse is now completely disassembled.


You may change the color of the glowing lights on the body of the mouse. You will need a small LED light to replace it.