How to Permanently Change Your Robux

By Ben David

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Internet Explorer 8 or newer

  • Google Chrome 13.0 or newer

  • Mozilla Firefox 5.8 or newer

“Roblox” is gaming environment allowing players to make up their own rules of play as they go along. Players can use several customizable features to make Roblox characters and playing environments unique. Robux describes the main currency used in the game, and these currency credits can be used to purchase different items for customization or aspects of gameplay. The process of changing the number of Robux you have, through a hacker-community work-around, is fairly straightforward.

Go to the Roblox login page and log into your Robux account using your username and password.

Select the “Developer Tools” option in your web browser menu, then enter “Robux” into the Search box. The Robux text code information will show in the script window of the Developer Tools utility.

Click the script and change the number of Robux to any number you want. The number of Robux available in your account will automatically change to this amount.

Click the “Save” option in the top menu of your web browser. These settings will automatically appear whenever you use the browser to log into your Roblox account.


The effects of this change are only permanent for the web browser on which you have performed the change. If you want the changes to be in effect with each of your browsers, you must complete the steps with each browser individually.