How to Use Swatches in SAI Paint

By Christina Hadley

Updated September 28, 2017

PaintTool SAI swatches are a place for you to store colors for future use in the application's Color Panel. Beyond being a place to store favorite colors, use swatches to add consistency to the digital art you produce. The swatch area of this application is the equivalent of a digital painter's palette, meaning creating swatches will give your work a consistent look in the same way that dabs of paint from the same tube gave Renior's many paintings a uniform appearance. So think of PaintTool SAI swatches in terms of fine art and create a series of mature-looking digital art.

Launch PaintTool SAI to create new swatches. PaintTool SAI supports new swatch creation without having to modify a configuration file.

Click "Window" and "Color Wheel."

Click "Window" and "Swatches."

Choose a color by clicking within the application's Color Wheel.

Right-click on an empty swatch box and choose "Set."

Select a color, then right-click and choose "Cancel" if you chance your mind about adding a swatch to your swatch collection.

Select a swatch and it appears in the Primary Color box. This swatch color now defines the color of your paintbrush strokes.

Remove a swatch that you no longer need or that you dislike by right-clicking on it and choosing "Remove."