How to Get Mod Shop to Work in "Pokemon Emerald"

By Candice Coleman

Updated September 22, 2017

As the player wanders through towns and cities in "Pokemon: Emerald," the opportunity to shop in PokeMarts arises. While players can purchase items like regular Pokeballs, healing potions or defense items from the PokeMart, only the use of a GameShark can create a Mod Shop. The Mod Shop enables players to purchase rare items or items that cannot be purchased, such as berries, all Pokeballs or all hold items. Players should use caution when using cheat codes, as the codes can destroy saved game data.

Insert the Game Boy Advance GameShark device into the Game Boy Advance game slot. Select the "On" setting on the GameShark. Insert "Emerald" into the slot on the GameShark. Turn on the Game Boy Advance system.

Press right on the "D" pad to access preloaded codes for "Emerald." Navigate through the list until you see "Access Mod Shop," "All Key Items" and "All Misc. Items." Navigate to each of those three cheats and press the "A" button. The cheat will flash when activated. Return to the GameShark's main menu.

Press the "Start" button after activating cheats to access the main menu of "Emerald." Load a saved game. Visit any PokeMart and press "L," "A" and "Select" simultaneously. Speak to the PokeMart clerk to access the Mod Shop. Select an item and press "A" to confirm its purchase.


Check the GameShark to ensure that it is pushed to the "On" position. If in the "Off" position, codes will not work, and players will not be able to access the Mod Shop.

Select "Add New Cheat" from the GameShark's main menu. Create a name for additional cheats for use with the Mod Shop - such as "All TMs/HMs 1" and "All TMs/HMS 2." Press "Start" after entering each name to attach the cheat code to that name.

Do not include dashes or spaces between letters of cheat codes.

Enter "B97754ECD579-62C01326500-5FC4BF056CCE-16E8BE01460A-5FC4BF056CCE-60DD77934CBE-1FA729776D18-5FC4BF056CCE-902088292C1C-79C074677C90-5FC4BF056CCE-80281C218C18-39C47C65EC80" for "All TMs/HMs 1" and "5FC4BF056CCE-80589C22869D-5FC4BF056CCE-66BEB4699203-F03B95F0DC4E 5FC4BF056CCE-E63E94699205-F03B95F0DC4E-5FC4BF056CCE-1FD8BF055CCE-F03B95F0DC4E-5FC4BF056CCE-9F589F055CC8-F03B95F0DC4E" for "All TMs/HMs 2."


Selecting cheat codes may cause your game to freeze. If freezing occurs, turn off and turn on the Game Boy Advance. Enter fewer cheat codes, or do not enter any cheat codes to correct the problem.