Why Do I Keep Getting Disconnected When I Play "Warcraft 3"?

By Travis Wampler

Updated September 22, 2017

"Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos" and its expansion, "The Frozen Throne," released in 2002 and 2003, are popular real-time strategy games that incorporate online or local area network options. Blizzard's classic Battle.net servers are the online gateway to public matches, whereas LAN-based games are hosted on the player's private network. As with any online game, disconnects occur and are attributed to basic Internet connection issues, router settings, file corruption or account restrictions.

Internet Connection Issues

"Warcraft III" is susceptible to disconnects when connected via the Battle.net servers due to Internet connection problems. If you are playing via wireless, satellite or cell-based networks, a weakened signal can result in multiple disconnects. Any time you attempt an online match through the Battle.net service, ensure your computer is connected directly to your router or modem. This is vital if you are hosting the game, as signal loss on the host computer will cause anyone playing the match to lose connection. If you are properly connected and continually drop connection, contact your Internet provider for additional troubleshooting.

LAN Connection Issues and Port Settings

LAN-based matches between players on your internal home network are not routed through the Internet or Battle.net servers. Disconnections from LAN matches are attributed to faulty internal wiring or router settings. Log in to your router's administration page via a Web browser and ensure ports 6112 through 6119 TCP are open for traffic flow. If this does not work, check your network wiring and ensure it's properly seated in the computer's and router's Ethernet ports. Additional information on port forwarding and network support is available on the Blizzard Support pages.

Corrupt Server List and Virus Attack

If you have recently downloaded any maps or connected to privately hosted servers, it's possible you picked up a virus that altered your server file list and is directly causing connection issues. The only legitimate Battle.net gateways are USEast, USWest, Europe and Asia. Any other connections are unreliable and not supported by Blizzard. Scan your computer for viruses, using an updated virus definition database. After the scan is complete and any threats removed, reset your Battle.net server list by following the registry edits and fixes on the official Blizzard Support site.

Multiple IP Connections

If you and a friend share a single "Warcraft III" license or key, disconnects occur if you attempt logging in while the other is playing or vice versa. Key sharing is against the Terms of Use and can lead to an IP ban or restriction. Ensure no one else has access to your CD key or tries to access the game while you are playing to avoid multiple IP disconnects.

High Latency Disconnects

Internet connections with latency over 500 ms can cause disconnects while playing in heavily populated online matches. Alleviate this issue by closing all connection-intensive programs running on your computer. Reconnect to the Battle.net servers with only "Warcraft III" running on your computer. If you continue experiencing disconnects, visit Speedtest.net and determine whether your latency is above 500 ms. If so, contact your Internet provider for further troubleshooting.