Rapid Roll Mobile Cheats

By Brad Melton

Updated September 22, 2017

Rapid Roll is found on Nokia phones.
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"Rapid Roll" is a graphic video game primarily found on Nokia cell phones. In the game, you are a small pixilated ball that falls along through the screen. By continuing in your descent through levels of the game, you gain points. The further down you are able to go, the higher your score is. Along the way, players are challenged by obstructions and ways to "die."

Losing Life in "Rapid Roll"

As you fall through "Rapid Roll," various small platforms appear in your path. As you go, you must continue to roll onto each platform, which then gives you points. If you miss a platform along the way, you lose your life. Staying too long on a platform also causes you to lose life because lingering causes the platform to push you up into spikes that line the top side of the screen.

Gaining Life & Speed

As you progress in "Rapid Roll," the game’s difficulty increases. Your rate of fall begins to quicken, so you must react with greater accuracy and speed. Also, the platforms begin to press you up towards the spikes much faster. In the midst of this, small hearts appear on some of the platforms. Rolling over these hearts gives you an extra life to help offset some of the life lost from taking damage and missing platforms.

Invincible Code

One major cheat code for "Rapid Roll" allows you to disregard the loss of life from missing platforms and hitting spikes. You can reach this “invincible” mode during the greeting screen as the game loads. After the title appears, you go to the opening screen where the game flashes the word “Read” on a black rectangle. Quickly press these four buttons: "*, #, 1 and 2" and your ball is invincible for the remainder of the game.

No Lost Life

Some Nokia models have different versions of "Rapid Roll" and may require a different code to unlock infinite life. Upon first opening the game, try entering the number string "56931425023549." You should then hear a small sound signaling that the cheat has been activated. If not, you need to try a different code. Another cheat is to hold down the "7" button on your phone and then enter "97280." Depending on the version of the game that you have, one of these codes should enable you to play and continue falling for as long as you like.