How to Create Bind Keys to Change the Model in GMOD

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

"GMod," or "Garry's Mod," is a sandbox-style computer game that runs on the Source physics engine. Because gameplay is not limited by a story line, players can use the in-game creation menu to build whatever gadgets or contraptions they can imagine. While in-game, the player is represented by a model. You can bind a key to automatically change your character's model in the console window. This can help you quickly change between models without having to go into the settings menu each time.

Load "GMod" and enter a public game through the multiplayer menu, or enter a single-player game.

Open the console by pressing "~." If your console does not open, turn on the console activate from the main menu by clicking "Options," selecting the keyboard tab and checking the box for "Enable Developer Console."

In the console window type "bind" (without quotations), followed by the key that you want to bind in quotations. Type the model-changing command. Type the model name in quotations. For example, to bind the "y" key to model-change, type: bind "y" "cl_player modelname."

Press "Enter" and close the console by pressing "~." Press the bind key to change your model.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4, using a different key to bind for any number of models you want to use.


A few models you can use, that are in GMod by default, are breen, alyx, combine, leet and elite. You can download and install custom models to use and key bind.