How to Make the DS Emulator Screen Bigger

By Elvis Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

Due to the popularity of the Nintendo DS, various computer-based emulators have surfaced since the console’s release. These platforms essentially emulate commercial games as well as free projects created by individual developers. DS emulators typically possess numerous standard functions, including the ability to turn the screen much bigger than the Nintendo DS console itself.


Launch the NeonDS emulator from its primary program shortcut.

Click the “Config” menu from the program’s main user interface.

Click to select the “2x Display” option, which doubles the emulator’s screen size and playing field.


Launch the DeSmuME emulator from its default shortcut.

Click the “View” menu from the subsequent window’s main interface.

Highlight to expand the “Window Size” sub-menu. Click to select the window size you wish to use, such as 3x or 4x bigger than the default screen size displayed.


Click to launch the "iDeaS DS" emulator from its respective shortcut.

Click the “Options” menu, followed by the “Rotation and Zoom” sub-menu.

Click to select how big you wish to make the emulator screen, such as 2x bigger than its original size.


Additionally, lowering your current desktop resolution helps enlarge your Nintendo DS emulator screen.