How to Use Cheat Engine 9.5 on "Roblox"

By Dabney Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

“Roblox” is an online game that enables gamers to interact with each other in player-created worlds. Because “Roblox” is hosted online, it can be difficult for players to introduce game cracks or create cheats for the game. Fortunately, gamers can utilize Cheat Engine, a game cheat program, to implement cheats in “Roblox.”

Run “Roblox.”

Open Cheat Engine while “Roblox” continues to run in the background.

Click the “Open” button with the computer icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Locate the Internet browser you are using to run “Roblox” in the window that appears. If “Roblox” is running in Firefox, for example, locate Firefox.exe in the list and click it.

Enter the value of a “Roblox” game variable multiplied by eight. For example, if you have two dollars in the “Roblox” game you are playing, then input “16” into the “Value” field.

Click “New Scan.”

Return to “Roblox” and increase the numeric variable. For example, gain another dollar to increase your total in-game sum to three dollars.

Input the value of that world multiplied by eight (24, in this case) into the “Value” field and click “Next Scan.” It is important to select “Next Scan” for this step, and not “New Scan.”

Select the value that appears in the left box. This value is the only shared value for the first scan and the second scan; thus, it is not a level-specific value and is the game-specific value instead.

Highlight the value that appears in the bottom box and enter in a new value multiplied by eight. This will enable you to change the value of the variable. For example, if you input 8,000 into the field, it would give you 1,000 dollars in the game.

Minimize Cheat Engine and play “Roblox” while Cheat Engine runs in the background.