How to Show Your "World of Warcraft" Experience Bar

By Shawn McClain

Updated September 28, 2017

When you are playing the online role-playing game "World of Warcraft," your character gains experience points as you kill monsters, make discoveries and complete quests within the game. After a certain number of experience points, your character will progress to the next level. Your character's percentage of progress to this next level is normally displayed on a bar running across the screen. If your experience bar is missing, either something has hidden it or you turned off your character's ability to gain experience. The method to get your experience bar back will differ depending on the reason for its absence.

Retrieving a Hidden Experience Bar

Press "Enter" to activate the text bar underneath your chat box. You will see a blinking cursor in the bar.

Enter the following code into the bar, without quotes: "/script MainMenuExpBar:Show()". Ensure that you have correctly capitalized the code as shown, as casing matters to the game code.

Press "Enter" to complete your code. Your experience bar will appear on the screen.

Turning on Experience Gains

Log in to your desired character. Travel to Stormwind if you have an Alliance character or Orgrimmar if you have a Horde character.

Visit the Experience Eliminator, located within the city. For Alliance characters, the eliminator is in the small room to the right of the throne room in Stormwind Keep. For Horde characters, the eliminator is on the top floor of the Hall of the Brave, located in the Valley of Honor. Both eliminators are stealthed rogues, so you will have to get very close to them to see them.

Right-click the eliminator to bring up a small chat window. Click the text that reads "I wish to start gaining experience again." Click the "Accept" button and pay 10 gold. Your experience bar will appear on the screen.


Once you reach the maximum level, your experience bar will disappear and not allow you to bring it back.

If you want to hide your experience bar again, just replace "Show()" with "Hide()" in the code line for showing the bar.