How to Calibrate "Big Buck Hunter Pro" to the Plug-N-Play Sensor

By Ryan Fergerson

Updated September 22, 2017

Using the pump-action shotgun controller gives players a taste of hunting in the wild.
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"Big Buck Hunter Pro" is a video game that uses a shotgun controller to give a player a virtual, yet somewhat realistic hunting experience. After you power on the game, the screen will prompt you to calibrate the gun before playing. Following the game's on-screen instructions can sometimes be a challenge, though taking certain measures will improve your chances of successfully calibrating your controller with the Plug 'n Play sensor.

Place the sensor near the center of the television, as close to the top or bottom of the screen as possible. You may need a platform to rest the sensor on -- the closer to the screen, the better the results.

Stand or sit approximately 3 to 8 feet away from the television screen for best results. Try to situate yourself as level with the screen as possible.

Shoot the target at the top left portion of the screen first, and then shoot the target at the bottom right portion of the screen.

Remain in that exact position to get the most accurate shooting results. To prevent the need for additional calibrations, mark your location to make it easy to return to the correct spot.


Begin by standing or sitting roughly 3 to 5 feet from the television screen, and then slowly move away as needed if calibration isn't successful on the first attempt. The size of your television screen may affect the distance required for calibrating the controller with the sensor.