How to Make a Game Hack

By Dabney Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

With hackers releasing their techniques across the Internet, gamers have become able to modify their games with increasing speed and ease. Modding games has become so popular that many websites and online communities have emerged to promote this shared goal. With so many resources available, any gamer can become familiar with the game modding software and learn to create his own game hacks.

Determine the platform for the type of game that you wish to modify. Generally speaking, games on simple platforms, such as old ROM games or Game Boy games are much easier to mod than games on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Computer games are a bit of an exception, because an abundance of hacking software exists for PC games.

Search for hacking software that is compatible with your platform. One example of this is Advance Map for "Pokemon: Fire Red," a staple modification tool for any aspiring "Pokemon" hacker. With Advance Map, gamers are able to modify the sprite overworld, such as moving houses, creating new areas or changing the Pokemon that trainers encounter. This program is quite different from other map-editing programs for different games.

Read the hacking software’s tutorials to familiarize yourself with the software’s options.

Search the Internet for hacking tutorials specifically tailored to your intended game. Read user-created guides for tips specifically tailored to your game hack. Advance Map, for example, has tutorials on "Pokemon" modding forums.

Join online modding communities such as forums to gain support for your hacking project. Many other hackers will be excited to offer assistance, advice, or fresh ideas. Some hackers will even troubleshoot code that you are having problems with. As an Advance Map hacker, you could start a thread about overworld sprite ideas, or creative ways to modify game world zones for your game hack.