How to Draw Ethernet Links in Visio

By Jim Campbell

Updated September 28, 2017

The Visio designer lets you create a layout and map out your network topology. The Ethernet drawing indicates that a router, computer, hub or bridge connects to another data object using Ethernet wiring and technology. The Ethernet cable drawing is included with the network design section in Visio. Ethernet technology is a part of most networks that connect to the Internet.

Open the Visio software and load your network diagram file in the Visio interface. Click the page you want to use to connect the network components with the Ethernet drawing.

Click the "Ethernet" shape in the "Network and Peripherals" tab in the left Visio panel. The Ethernet shape activates.

Click the central location for the main router or hub where the Ethernet cables connect. Use the Ethernet drawing's connects to drag and drop from the main shape to the server, computer or other network device.

Double-click the Ethernet shape to add a description or text. After you complete all of the connections, click the "Save" button in the Visio toolbar.