How to Find a PS3 Game ID

By A.J. Andrews

Updated September 22, 2017

PlayStation game ID’s are used to download PS3 games to PC’s, download game update packages and, when used in conjunction with game-identification applications, retrieve information concerning the game. The PS3 game folder contains a game’s ID, but you must open the PARAM.SFO tool in a text editor, such as Notepad, to view it. You can view the ID in other text editors, such as WordPad, but it’s easiest to locate in a word-wrapped Notepad document.

Click the "Start" icon on your Windows task bar. Click "All Programs," "Accessories" and then "Notepad" to open Notepad. Select "Format" and then click “Word Wrap” in the drop-down menu until a check mark appears to the left of it.

Insert the PS3 game disc in your PC's DVD-ROM drive.

Click the "Start" icon, then click "Computer." Double-click the name of the PS3 disc and then click to open the “PS3_Game” folder.

Right-click the “PARAM.SFO” file to open a context menu. Select "Open with" and then click "Notepad." The game ID consists of nine characters, starts with “BL” followed by a two-letter country code and ends with five numbers. A game ID may read something similar to the following: BLUS30178.


You can find the ID of downloaded games using the above method and omitting the step that involves inserting the disc.