How to Empty the Cistern in "McDonald's Video Game"

by Seamus IslwynUpdated September 22, 2017

"McDonald's Video Game" is not an official product of the fast-food corporation; rather, it is a satiric game that parodies the business and agricultural practices of the corporate food industry. The cows in the game feed on soybeans, which the feedlot automatically stores in a cistern. If the cistern fills up, the feedlot manager starts jumping up and down; when you click on him, he tells you that the cistern is full. To turn off this alert, empty the cistern.

Click the tractor icon at the bottom of the window to open the agricultural section of the game.

Click on a section of farmland to open its control icons.

Click on the cow head icon to convert the farmland to pasture land. This section of land no longer produces the soybeans that fill up the cistern. To empty the cistern faster, convert more farmland to pasture land; the more farmland squares you convert, the faster the cistern empties.

Click on the cow icon in the lower-left corner of the game screen to return to the feedlot and watch the cistern empty.


Growing genetically modified soybeans causes the cistern to fill up faster.

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