How to Use the SNES Station With Free McBoot

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

"Free McBoot" is software that, when installed to a PlayStation 2 (PS2) memory card, allows your console to run homebrew applications. Once you boot a PlayStation 2 with the software, it allows other programs to run directly from the PS2 memory card or an USB drive connected to the console. "SNES Station" is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator for the PS2 which allows you to play read-only memory (ROM) files that contain the games.

Install the "Free McBoot" software on your PS2 memory card if you have not yet done so. The software and full installation instructions are available from the Freemcboot website.

Download the "SNES Station" emulator from a site, such as Sksapps or Zophar.

Download the SNES ROM files you want to use with the emulator from a site, such as FreeRoms or MoreRoms.

Right-click on the "SNES Station" file you have downloaded and select "Extract" from the pop-up menu. Select an USB drive or temporary folder on your hard drive as the destination. Place the ROMs you downloaded in the same folder as the emulator.

Plug the USB drive into your PS2 or burn the emulator and ROMs to a CD-ROM disc and insert it in your PS2. Start the PS2 and it will boot into the "Free McBoot" menu.

Select the storage device where the emulator is on from the browser menu of "Free McBoot" and then highlight the file (ending in the "elf") extension. Press the "X" button to start the emulator.

Press "Up" or "Down" on the d-pad to scroll through the list of games and press the "X" button to run it. While playing, press both top trigger buttons on your gamepad to return to the SNES Station menu.


Not all SNES ROMs are compatible with SNES Station. If you launch a game and get visual errors or a blank screen, it is likely that the game is not supported.


It is illegal to download and play SNES ROMS if you do not have the actual game cartridge. Downloading and playing SNES ROMs if you are not the owner of the original game is illegal.