How to Set Up BlackWidow Macro Keys in "World of Warcraft"

By Daniel Barrows

Updated September 22, 2017

The Razer BlackWidow is a mechanical keyboard designed specifically for use in playing computer games. It features switches underneath the keys, which provide a different sort of tactile feedback than that encountered when using a standard keyboard. The BlackWidow also comes with the ability to record and play "macros," which are sequences of keystrokes activated by pressing a single key. This feature is useful in games such as "World of Warcraft," where players will regularly use certain abilities in a specific order during play.

Launch the "Razer BlackWidow Configurator" application. Click on the "Manage Profiles" tab. Click on "New" and input a name for the keyboard profile that you wish to use when playing "World of Warcraft." Click on the button to the left of the profile name to activate your new profile.

Launch the "World of Warcraft" application. Log into your account and select the character that you wish to use when activating your macros. Click on the "Enter World" button.

Press the "Esc" key, located near the upper-left corner of the keyboard, to bring up the main menu. Click on the button labeled "Interface." Review the entries displayed on the left side of the "Interface" window and click on the option labeled "ActionBars." Confirm that you have enough "ActionBars" visible to hold all of the abilities that you wish to assign to your macro, then click on "Okay."

Press the "P" key to bring up the "Spellbook" window. Navigate through the "Spellbook" to the first ability that you wish to assign to your macro. Click and drag the ability's icon over to an empty slot in one of your "ActionBars." Repeat for any other abilities that you wish to assign to the macro. Close the "Spellbook" window.

Press the "Esc" key and click on the button labeled "Key Bindings." Scroll through the "Key Binding" entries and confirm that each of your selected abilities has an assigned activation key. If an ability lacks an activation key, scroll to the entry that corresponds to the ability's location on your "ActionBars;" click on the "Not Bound" button, located to the right of the entry, then press the key that you wish to use. Click on "Okay" to exit the "Key Bindings" window.

Hold down the right "Alt" key and the "Fn" key, both of which are located to the right of the spacebar. Release both keys to begin recording, then press the activation key assigned to the first ability that you wish to put into the macro.

Press the keys assigned to the remaining abilities, then press the "Fn" button to stop recording. Press the key that you wish to assign to your new macro. Press the key again to test that the macro is working as desired.