Tricks for Growing Squirrels in "Furdiburb"

By Khalila

Updated September 22, 2017

Collect enough squirrles and you can help Furdiburb go home.
i Andrea Chu/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Furdiburb's extraterrestrial family blasted off into outer space, and accidentally abandoned him on Earth. Now this alien virtual pet needs someone to feed, bathe and clean up after him so that he can grow big enough to fly home to planet Gliese 581 B. That's the premise of "Furdiburb," a game app available on the Android Market. Collect 98 squirrels and a potion and you can help Furdiburb board a spaceship home.

Gain Squirrels

To rack up squirrels, you can press on and drag a cloud over each of the three plants in front of Furdiburb’s house on the game’s home screen. Once positioned, the cloud will rain on the plant and in a few seconds the cloud willh whoosh away and any one of a myriad of items will sprout from the plant. Everything from eggplant and cheese to hot dogs and squirrels can randomly sprout.

Feed Furdiburb

Most of the items are things Furdiburb can eat. If what sprouts out of the plant is an edible item like fruit or cheese, press and drag it over to Furdiburb with your finger to feed him. He smiles when he’s full. If an inedible item like a squirrel or yellow squash sprouts out of the plant, simply press and hold on the icon and it will go into your inventory. The items stored in your inventory can be used later in combination with other items to purchase medicine and other things for Furdiburb. To check your inventory press and hold on Furdiburb. Then choose an available item by pressing on it.

Use Squirrels in Recipes

Squirrels have many roles in Furdiburb’s culinary world. Using a certain combination of items to form recipes, players can create items that can be used to feed, wash and cure Furdiburb of any illnesses he may develop. Squirrels are a part of the recipes for rotten cheese, gingerbread men and ham, all of which can be used to feed and grow Furdiburb.

Collect Squirrels for Flight

Since Furdiburb’s goal is to return to his home planet, one of the squirrels’ most important uses is space flight. If you collect 98 squirrels in Furdiburb’s inventory and add to them a star quest potion, you can help Furdiburb gain a spaceship and head for home. The potion allows Furdiburb to whiz past all planets and quickly arrive at the spaceship.