How to Change Paths on a USB Loader GX

By Sara Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

When you change a program's file path, you change where that program searches or saves certain files that it needs to use. The Wii program USB Loader GX uses file paths to save game covert art, theme art, update files and many others. Changing these file paths will give you more room on the SD card when moving paths to an external hard drive. It is also useful if you just want to tidy up the SD card a bit.

Open "USB Loader GX" from the Wii's home screen by pointing the Wiimote at its icon and pressing the "A" button on the Wiimote.

Open the USB Loader GX "Settings" menu on the bottom left of the USB Loader GX screen when it comes up. The icon has two cogs on it.

Open the "Custom Paths" option on the settings menu and a list of paths comes up. Point the Wiimote at the path you want to change, and press the "A" button. A list of folders on your Wii's SD card and external hard drive comes up.

Open the folder you want USB Loader GX to use for that operation on the next screen. For example you can tell USB Loader GX to save all of the game cover art in a different folder than what is initially selected.

Point the Wiimote at the "OK" option and press the "A" button. Point the Wiimote on the "Back" option and press the "A" button on the Wiimote twice to return to the USB Loader GX main menu.