How to Dupe Without Trading & Ranging on a RSPS

By Sam Orr

Updated September 22, 2017

A "RuneScape" private server (RSPS) is a server owned by somebody other than Jagex Games Studio that hosts "RuneScape," usually with editions or omissions in the source code that leave glitches open. "Duping," short for duplicating, is any glitch method which takes an item from your inventory and increases its quantity, allowing you to keep backups, share valuable equipment or sell extras. Players can take advantage of the game's inability to drop multiple items into your inventory at once to duplicate an item.

Deposit 5000 blood runes into a bank.

Drop the item that you wish to duplicate on the ground.

Withdraw all 5000 blood runes from the bank. They will be added to your inventory incrementally, giving you several seconds before all of them have transferred.

Use the telekinetic grab spell on your dropped item once for each duplicate you want. After the blood runes have finished transferring, the duplicated item will appear in your inventory in the amount equal to the number of times the spell was cast on the item.