How Do I Cure Paralysis in "Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon"?

By Danny Djeljosevic

Updated September 22, 2017

In the Natsume video game "Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon," paralysis is a status ailment that affects characters' actions in the game, which enemies can inflict upon them. Under paralysis, players are unable to run. However, the game contains items that can cure paralysis once it occurs, such as magic spells, regular items and even items the player can create.

Buy the Mediparalyze Magic Tome for 3200 G from the Magic Clinic or from Yue at the Inn, and cast it during battle to cure your character of paralysis.

Buy the Para-Gone item from the Witch's Cauldron for 700 G and use the item on your character to cure the ailment.

Head to the Magic Clinic and pay 100 G to cure your character of any status ailment, including paralysis.

Use the Boiling Pot in your kitchen to cook a Rockfish and White Cabbage together to create Rockfish Stew, an item which cures paralysis also reduces the amount of damage fire and earth elemental attacks inflict for six hours.

Use the Steamer in your kitchen to make Poundcake out of Flour and an Egg of any size, small, medium or large. Poundcake cures paralysis as well as increases a character's resistance to all other status ailments for six hours.


You can also make Para-Gones out of two Yellow Grass items when you have a Pharmacy in your home and your skill level is at 14.