How to Delete "Fallout: New Vegas" Saves

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

With numerous divergent plot points, questing options and play-styles, accumulating plenty of "Fallout: New Vegas" save files isn't hard. Deleting your excess save files periodically can keep your "Load" menu from becoming a disorganized mess, especially if you have multiple characters. Each version of the game handles save files differently, primarily related to how the machines themselves store and manage the save data.

PC Version

Press "Windows-X" on your keyboard to launch the power user menu, and select "File Explorer" if you're running Windows 8. For Windows 7, click "Start" followed by "Documents."

Open the "My Games" folder in the Documents library.

Select the "FalloutNV" folder, followed by the "Saves" folder. While the files themselves can be deleted, this folder should always remain intact to prevent any issues with creating a new save file.

Select and delete the desired save files. If you only want to remove the files from the load screen but still want to preserve the data itself, cut the files and paste them into a different folder elsewhere on your computer. You can paste them back into the folder at any time to restore the files to a playable state.

Xbox 360

Select the Settings tab from the home menu, followed by the "System" tile.

Select "Storage," followed by "Hard Drive." If your game saves are stored on Microsoft's Xbox Live cloud servers, select the "Cloud Saved Games" option instead.

Select "Games and Apps," followed by "Fallout: New Vegas."

Select the desired save file and press the "A" button, then select "Delete." Your save files will be indicated by your character's name, level and playtime -- delete only these files. The other files are system data and other necessary information.

Select "Yes" to confirm the deletion. Repeat these steps as necessary to delete all desired save files.

PlayStation 3

Select "Game" from the PS3 home menu, followed by "Saved Data Utility (PS3)."

Select the "Fallout: New Vegas" save file you wish to delete. All game saves from all of your games are stored together in a single list, so the list may be quite long depending on the size of your PS3 library.

Press the "Triangle" button and select "Delete." If you have multiple files you wish to delete, you can select "Delete Multiple" and choose what files you wish to delete by scrolling through the list and selecting them with the "X" button.

Select "Yes" to confirm the deletion of all selected files.


For PC players, you can also delete your save files from the load menu by right-clicking the desired save and selecting the option to delete it.

For the Xbox 360, you can also delete the saves in-game by selecting them from the Load menu and pressing the "Y" button, followed by "A" to confirm deletion.

PC players can also undo a delete at any time by restoring the save file from the Recycle Bin, provided they deleted the file in File Explorer instead of in-game.

Since the PS3 uses its own save system for all games, you can use the PS3 instructions to delete any save file for any PS3 game.


Deleting save files on the console versions of the game is irreversible. Only do so if you're absolutely sure you don't want to keep the file.