How to Get a Pelican in Forge World of "Halo: Reach"

By Chris Waller

Updated September 22, 2017

The "Halo: Reach" video game, part of the successful "Halo" series for the Xbox 360, features a new Forge World multiplayer map. The game follows the story of a war between an alien race and Earth, set in the future. In the New Alexandria level of the game's campaign mode, you can perform a cheat to get a Pelican aircraft to fly around in the world. You will need a partner playing with you to pull off this move.

Begin the New Alexandria campaign mission. You must start this as a multiplayer campaign mission, as you will need at least one other player to help you get the Pelican. Complete all the mission goals as you normally would, until your current task becomes "Defend the Omni Building."

Fly to the top of the Omni building, and land on the roof. Have your teammate get out of the ship you are flying and jump on top. Carefully maneuver the ship to the side of the building without a landing pad. About two-thirds of the way up the building is a small alcove with a switch on the ceiling.

Slowly fly into the alcove, taking care not to move so fast your partner falls off, or is knocked off by the walls or ceiling. Move so you are hovering under the green switch located on the ceiling of the alcove. Tell your partner to move under the switch, and press the "X" button to activate it.

Carefully fly back to the roof of the building and land. Let your teammate get back into the ship. Fly toward the building with the neon wall and the giant oval near the top. This is located in front of the Omni Building. Fly through the oval, and your ship will turn into a Pelican ship.