How to Softmod a GameCube

By James Woudon

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • GameCube broadband adapter

  • Phantasy Star Online I & II

  • Official memory card (blank)

  • PSUL v1.1 (see Resources)

  • Cubesoft's Phoenix (see Resources)

The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth home console and its least successful after the Nintendo 64, according to Nintendo's hardware sales reports. "Softmodding" a home console involves using software manipulation of various official peripherals in order to load custom firmware that allows players to run backup games and custom programs, such as emulators. The GameCube softmod takes advantage of the broadband adapter to directly connect the console to a home PC so it can be manipulated remotely.

Connect the broadband adapter to your router, then open "Network Connections" on your PC. The new connection should have an "X" next to it because it isn't connected yet. Go to "Properties," then change the IP address and preferred DNS server to "" and change the subnet mask to "" as well.

Start PSO I & II on GameCube with the blank memory card inserted. Choose "Online Game" at the start menu, then select "Network Setup." Name this connection "LAN" and choose "Set up manual address." Change the IP address to "" and the subnet mask to "" and change the primary DNS server and default gateway to "" as well.

Click "Next," press "Connect" on the "Start" menu and enter your authentication code from the game box. Create a simple password, then click "Next." On your PC, install PSUL v1.1, then go to "Start," then "Run" and type "psul -s" into the appropriate box. PSO will disconnect, but save your settings to the memory card.

Install Cubesoft's Phoenix on your PC. Connect to the lobby again in PSO on the GameCube, then run Phoenix from the Start menu of the PC. You can load a ROM or ISO to run backup GameCube games or emulated games and they will stream to the GameCube via the broadband adapter.