How to Get the Nitroglycerin Charge in "BioShock"

By Matthew Weber

Updated September 22, 2017

During the Hephaestus chapter in the game "BioShock" you are required to gather materials to build an EMP bomb. One of the components you need to finish the bomb is a nitroglycerin charge. The charge is located in the office of Supervisor Kyburz, but it is locked behind impenetrable glass with no immediately obvious way of getting to it. Fortunately there is a switch on the desk nearby that you can use to lower the glass.

Move to the side of the desk with a glowing red button.

Press the red button. A turret will deploy by the office door as soon as you press the button. Destroy or hack the turret.

Grab the nitroglycerin charge once the glass is lowered. You now have one of the key components for the EMP bomb.