How to Change Walk Speed on GMOD

by Alex RamirezUpdated September 22, 2017

"Garry's Mod," sometimes referred to as GMOD, is a sandbox game that allows you to combine various objects and characters from the video game "Half-Life 2" and create unique, bigger objects with the items. Regardless if you are in a single-player or multiplayer match, the game has a default walk speed assigned to your character. If you are the administrator of a multiplayer match or are in a single-player match, you can easily adjust the speed at which your character walks.

Open the game's console by pressing the tilde key (~). A text box will appear with a line for you to input text at the bottom.

Type "rp_walkspeed x" without the quotation marks, and replace the "x" with any number from 1 to 254. The higher the number, the faster your character will walk.

Press "Enter" to submit the change. Close the console by pressing the "Escape" key, and your character's walk speed will be changed.

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