How to Hook a Wii to a Mitsubishi TV

By Jared Huizenga

Updated September 22, 2017

By using a component video cable, connecting a Wii to a Mitsubishi TV is simply a matter of matching colors.
i Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to hooking a Nintendo Wii up to a Mitsubishi TV, the process is virtually the same as it is for any other TV and gaming system. Because most new TVs have gotten rid of regular AV inputs -- the red, white and yellow cable -- in favor of HDMI and component video inputs, the component video cable will be the easiest method for hooking up your Wii. It will also provide a higher resolution video than standard AV cables.

Locate the component video inputs on the back of your Mitsubishi TV. When you’re looking at the back of the TV, the component inputs are on the right-hand side of the TV.

Insert the video plugs on the component cable into the component video inputs on the back of the TV. The green plug into green input, the blue plug into the blue input and the red plug into the red input.

Insert the audio plugs on the component cable into the component audio inputs on the back of the TV. The red plug goes into the red input and the white plug into the white input. Do not plug the yellow audio plug into the TV.

Connect the other end of the component cable -- the rectangular end -- into the Digital AV Out port on the Wii. The Digital AV Out port is located on the back of the Wii, next to the DC Input Connector, which you use to connect the AC adapter.

Plug the Wii AC adapter into the DC Input Connector on the back of the Wii.

Turn your Mitsubishi TV on.

Turn your Wii on.

Press the “Input” button on your Mitsubishi TV’s remote control to bring up a list of all of the inputs on your TV.

Press the down arrow, which is below the OK button, until you reach the component option and press the "OK" button.


Depending on which model Mitsubishi TV you have, accessing the inputs list may vary slightly.