How to Create Your Own "GMod" Spawnlist

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

"GMod" is a sandbox-style computer game where players are given unlimited freedom to use their own creativity. You may create objects, devices and scenarios using the in game creation menu and tools. A "GMod" spawnlist is a list of props that are placed under the same category in the creation menu, allowing users to easily find custom items and props that share a theme. To create your own spawnlist for "GMod," you can make a text file to generate the list in a game.

Open a text-editing program and type in the name of the spawnlist in quotations. Press "Enter" to go one line down and type a "{".

Press "Enter" again to go one line beneath the "{" and hit the "Tab" button. Type in the name of the first section for the spawnlist, in quotations and with a "~" in front. For example, "~FirstSection." Press "Tab" again two times and type quotation marks with nothing in between them.

Press "Enter" to go down one line and tab over underneath the section title. Place the type of entity and its name in quotation marks underneath the section title. Each entity type will have a different symbol to use: "#" for ragdolls, ":" for vehicles and "!" for effects. So if you want to place a ragdoll in the spawnlist, type "#name" under the section title.

Press "Tab" to match underneath the empty quotation marks and type in the installation directory of the entity file in quotation marks. For example, if you want a ragdoll in the spawnlist, you will type "models/player/ragdollname.mdl," which is the location of the ragdoll file in your "GMod" directory.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for each entity you want listed in the spawnlist.

Place a "}" at the end of the list to complete the spawnlist. Save the file and close it. Place the text file in the "GMod" directory "settings/menuprops/" and laod "GMod."