How to Get a Mission on the Spynet Watch

By Alfie Noakes

Updated September 22, 2017

The SpyNet Watch allows you to record video, take pictures and tape audio wherever you are. While you can create your own secret missions when you are out and about, the watch's makers also offer a large selection of missions available to download from their website to your watch. To activate them, you will need to carry out a few basic procedures before you can officially start your spy career.

Go to the official website ( and select "English" from language menu. Click on the lock in the middle of the doors to move to the next screen.

Click on the red button marked "SpyNet Client Needs Air To Run." Press on "Download Now." Install Air by following the onscreen instructions.

Click on the red button again to download the SpyNet client program.

Open the SpyNet Client once downloaded. Connect your watch to your computer by using the cable provided. Select the "Missions" tab in the SpyNet client and choose a mission to begin it.