What Do You Do Before the Landsmeet to Start on "Dragon Age: Origins"?

By Kristyn Hammond

Updated September 22, 2017

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The Landsmeet quest line begins the final stage of “Dragon Age: Origins,” but there are things you should accomplish before you start this quest. The Landsmeet quest line begins as you enter Arl Eamon’s Estate and speak to Eamon in his office. Until this moment, you can delay the quest and finish some of the other content that is unavailable after this point.

Finish Four Primary Quest Lines

“Dragon Age: Origins” leads you on a linear quest line until after you finish the quest line named “Lothering and the Imperial Highway.” At this point, you can access the four primary quest lines, each involving one of the ancient peace treaties signed with the Wardens. These four quests are “Broken Circle,” “Arl of Redcliff,” “Nature of the Beast” and “A Paragon of Her Kind.” Once you complete these, return to Redcliff and complete the quest “The Urn of Sacred Ashes,” which completes the “Arl of Redcliff” quest line. Each quest line provides you with soldiers and advantages for the final quest. The in-game quest information will guide you through each of these quests. In each quest, you have the option to achieve a good result, siding with the good aligned heroes or an evil result, siding with the beast and unnatural races in the world. The choice of which to side with affects who helps you during the final quest and affects your relationship with allies based on each ally’s morality.

Level to 18

The primary quest lines will help you increase your character level, but as you play, you have access to a number of side quests, which will give you more experience. Attain level 18 before you travel to Denerim and start the Landsmeet quest. The final quest lines will offer enough experience for you to attain level 20 and help prepare you for the final encounter with a formidable dragon.

Develop Relationships

“Dragon Age: Origins” allows you to develop relationships between your main character and each of your allies. Your moral decisions during game play affect these relationships, convincing some allies to like, or even love, you and making others reject or despise you. Camp conversations allow you to build these relationships, developing dialogue and storyline between you and your allies. Once you begin the Landsmeet quest line, you are locked in to the relationships you developed during game play. Spend time in camp talking to each ally, building your favorite relationships while you can.

Finish Side Quests

Beginning the Landsmeet quest line closes your access to many side quests. While these quests are not necessary for the final quest line, they give you access to experience, items and additional content to explore. Finish the side quests you wish to finish before travelling to Denerim and beginning the Landsmeet quest line.