How to Restore an Acer Revo

By Ty Arthur

Updated September 28, 2017

The Acer Revo line of computers uses a significantly smaller case than a standard desktop computer in order to save space. Because of the different design, Revo desktops don't have room for a DVD or CD drive. If your Revo experiences problems and needs to be restored to factory settings there isn't a recovery disc to use. Instead, you must access the computer's built-in recovery options to either reinstall the entire operating system or restore individual drivers.

Restore Operating System

Click the "Start" menu at the bottom of your desktop, and click "Restart." Wait for the Windows operating system to shut down, then begin the boot-up process.

Hold down the "Alt" key and tap the "F10" key when you see the "Acer" logo on the screen during the restart process. Tap "Enter" to access the recovery program.

Click "Next" at each prompt, then finally select "Finish" to wipe out your existing data, and restore the Revo's operating system.

Restore Original Drivers

Close down any programs currently running, and access the "Start" menu. Navigate to "All Programs," and click the "Acer" folder. Click the "Acer eRecovery Management" icon.

Type your eRecovery Management password in the text box, and click "OK." If this is the first time you've accessed the program, a prompt will instead appear asking you to create a password. Type the password you want to use in both of the text boxes, and click "OK."

Click the "Restore" tab located near the bottom of the window. Click "Reinstall Drivers," and navigate to "Contents." Click the name of the specific driver you want to restore, and click "Install."

Repeat the process with any other drivers you need to restore. Return to the "Start" menu, and click "Restart."


The operating system recovery program is also accessible through the eRecovery Management screen. Click "Restore," and choose the "Restore System to Factory Default" option instead of the "Reinstall Drivers" option. Follow the prompts to restore the operating system.