How to Get the Hidden Elements in "The Powder Toy"

By Tom Johnson

Updated September 22, 2017

"The Powder Toy" program is a physics-based sandbox game where players are able to simulate various physical and chemical reactions between elements. This is done by filling the game's black background with arrangements of different types of powder-like pixels. Each type of pixel is considered to be a game "element," with each type possessing a different chemical or physical property. Some elements are heavier than others, some are unaffected by gravity and some explode when exposed to flame. There are several secret elements that are usable, but not visible from the in-game menu.

Select an element from the visible element box and place some of that element in the black background. Remember the name of the element you chose. For example, say you used the metal, or METL, element.

Press the "~" key. This will open up the in-game console, where you will manually change the element to one of the secret elements.

Select which secret element you want to turn the METL into. The secret elements are RIME, FOG, MORT, LOVE, LOLZ, FRZZ, FRZW, BIZG, BIZS, BRAY, SPWN, SPN2, DYST and SHLD 1-4.

Type "!Set metl type [secret element name]" into the console, using the name of whatever secret element you want to turn the METL into. The "!" is important to include because of the "The Powder Toy" coding language, which is LUA.


You can also use the console to delete and reset elements, run scripts and manipulate gravity.